The Reach of November



The end of November is closing in, the days shorter and the light sharper. Only a few leaves cling stubbornly to the branches protecting the newly formed buds. I have not yet gotten out this past week in the early morning hours to capture the frost or skim of ice as life has intervened with other demands. Everything seems to be bustling about, intent on finishing tasks before the snow comes and covers the ground. It is a good time for taking stock of next steps and how to prepare and be ready to recieve what is coming along. I am currently working at keeping my momentum up and not to be waylaid by  unexpected gridlock. I need to keep in mind the natural ebb and flow of the days and weeks, and to just keep on doing something. Writing, photography, mixed media etc. To not allow myself to get caught in the mental quagmire of “What do you think you are doing?!” thoughts, and to keep the flights of fancy going. Not everyday will result in a masterpiece, but somedays do.


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