A Dusting of Winter


Following the nor’easter we had last week I went out on a hike to take advantage of the results of the unusual weather. It was brutally windy once I left the cover of the woods and stepped out onto the trail by the marsh and pond. But it was beautiful to see the dusting of snow, the mist and the wind whipping through the grasses.

The grasses were being buffeted by the wind, the leaves held straight out from its force. There was no shelter here for the small marsh birds, they were all hunkered down elsewhere. Even the geese weren’t stopping, heading instead for warmer shelters elsewhere.

There was no ice yet skimming the surface but it felt cold enough for it to be forming. Someone else had decided to get out and about with their dogs, and their tracks peppered the snow on the trail. No doubt the wind was bringing a great variety of smells for the dogs to sniff.

I wonder if any little birds were taking shelter in the duck houses that dot the area? If so none of them were even venturing to the openings to see what was happening outside. Once the wind driven rain started I had to return to the shelter of the woods and the multitude of textures and colors that it offered. The snow had been wet enough that it was still clinging in places, and the wind hadn’t swept it off the branches. I will post those images soon. Today, in contrast to last Wednesday, is balmy. No snow, no wind and close to 65 degrees already. It is a crazy stretch we are in right now. Like a weather game spinner with snow, sun, rain, wind- round and round it goes where it stops nobody knows!


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