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So here we are Oct 2012 with another big storm bearing down on the Northeast. Just like last year. Even if the media is like kids in a candy store with their non stop hype, it would be worse to have no idea what is going on. Imagine just 70 years ago they didn’t have the sort of weather forecasting capabilities to let people know the severity of coming weather. I for one don’t want to rely on Eustis’s tricky knee or elbow for weather reports. However, why for every big storm do we see people buying gas cans and flashlights? What did they do with the ones they bought for the previous storm? And I expect all this pre storm spending will be touted as showing an increase in consumer confidence. Crazy.













This is what it looked like last year, but that is unusual only in that it was October. In Dec 2008 we had a big ice storm, all of Jan-March 2011 seemed like a snowstorm parade. Last year, not so much, a dry winter. Weather is weather, unpredictable like so much in life. All you can do is be best prepared to move forward from where you end up once the winds abate, waters recede and temperatures moderate. Stay safe everyone!


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