Sometimes I wonder

Recently I went through my old black and white negatives, and was amazed at what I found. Even with the pages labelled there were many images I simply could not recall the particulars of. It was like a trip I didn’t remember taking, yet at least a couple negatives on each page I could remember clearly. Life is funny that way, more of it ends up on the cutting room floor leaving us with what is really a flip book of memories, some highly edited, some accurate and some that never even actullay occurred. Funny how you say to yourself “did that really happen or am I mixing in events that I saw, read or heard about instead of actullay living?” I know the cushioning factor of self protection that the mind gives us is a big part of that, but what about the other things that simply vanish from our memories? Why do some seemingly mundane details remain sharp, yet once in a lifetime events get blurred? The mind is a funny thing, treating us to a continually self editing movie.

It just makes me wonder…


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