A Little Bit Zen


I went for a walk in my backyard late last week, actually more of a bushwacking adventure due to all the undergrowth that has sprung up and the old trees that have fallen. Nonetheless the stream back there rarely disappoints.



As soon as I saw this scene it made me think of a Japanese garden with the way the tree bends like a bridge. The colors were just right and the light perfect. I always feel refreshed and reenergized once I return from a hike, even if I only get one photo I have cleared my head and recharged my internal battery. All in all I got out 6 of the last 7 days to enjoy the woods and fall colors, hope to come close to that this week as I am not overbooked and hope to keep it that way. The hardest part (I find) is keeping a block of time open to pursue being creative instead of procrastinating being creative. Now I need to make time to get into my studio and do some more creating! Though right now the walls there are bare while everything is on display elsewhere. I have images on the way and frames awaiting them though so they will be taking the echo out of the space. My studio feels very calming to me as there are no household chores calling for my attention, it is easy to get lulled into just sitting quietly and enjoying the calm. However, that is too seductive a way to get off track and fail to make anything. That is why I put “See what you need and do it” over my art desk, it keeps me focused on not lollygagging.




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