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So here we are Oct 2012 with another big storm bearing down on the Northeast. Just like last year. Even if the media is like kids in a candy store with their non stop hype, it would be worse to have no idea what is going on. Imagine just 70 years ago they didn’t have the sort of weather forecasting capabilities to let people know the severity of coming weather. I for one don’t want to rely on Eustis’s tricky knee or elbow for weather reports. However, why for every big storm do we see people buying gas cans and flashlights? What did they do with the ones they bought for the previous storm? And I expect all this pre storm spending will be touted as showing an increase in consumer confidence. Crazy.













This is what it looked like last year, but that is unusual only in that it was October. In Dec 2008 we had a big ice storm, all of Jan-March 2011 seemed like a snowstorm parade. Last year, not so much, a dry winter. Weather is weather, unpredictable like so much in life. All you can do is be best prepared to move forward from where you end up once the winds abate, waters recede and temperatures moderate. Stay safe everyone!


Falling out of Idleness

I have been able to get out many times during the past month to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and skies. I think it is one of the best autumns, though that may be because I am getting out with my camera more. Some mornings it is tough to get out of bed in the dark and get under way, and some days I don’t get anything great. But I am getting out. If I don’t push, I will snuggle back into the covers telling myself I will do it later, which of course is always beyond the current time. Too many times I get an idea and shelve it “for later” or make a half hearted start which peeters out, both of which lead to the feeling of never accomplishing anything. To combat this I have really made a concerted effort to continually keep moving either in action or thought toward. I have found it at least keeps me moving and creating even if the end product is more experimental than presentable.

As I grow older I find more and more that “make hay while the sun shines” is a very accurate statement, and one I am trying to act upon. If I only focus on errands and tasks (though important) I miss moments like the one above.

Or ones like this, with a rainbow fading into the morning sky.

If I am rushing too much I miss the unusual views that are perched just off the road and up the hill. Life is hectic enough for most of us, and we make it more so by not putting things in the order of real importance. Nothing on TV is worth missing a walk in the woods or park, no sale at the mall is worth not meeting a friend for coffee and a chat, and no lost time can ever be recaptured. May you all fall gently out of idelness and into your life.

Sometimes I wonder

Recently I went through my old black and white negatives, and was amazed at what I found. Even with the pages labelled there were many images I simply could not recall the particulars of. It was like a trip I didn’t remember taking, yet at least a couple negatives on each page I could remember clearly. Life is funny that way, more of it ends up on the cutting room floor leaving us with what is really a flip book of memories, some highly edited, some accurate and some that never even actullay occurred. Funny how you say to yourself “did that really happen or am I mixing in events that I saw, read or heard about instead of actullay living?” I know the cushioning factor of self protection that the mind gives us is a big part of that, but what about the other things that simply vanish from our memories? Why do some seemingly mundane details remain sharp, yet once in a lifetime events get blurred? The mind is a funny thing, treating us to a continually self editing movie.

It just makes me wonder…

A Little Bit Zen


I went for a walk in my backyard late last week, actually more of a bushwacking adventure due to all the undergrowth that has sprung up and the old trees that have fallen. Nonetheless the stream back there rarely disappoints.



As soon as I saw this scene it made me think of a Japanese garden with the way the tree bends like a bridge. The colors were just right and the light perfect. I always feel refreshed and reenergized once I return from a hike, even if I only get one photo I have cleared my head and recharged my internal battery. All in all I got out 6 of the last 7 days to enjoy the woods and fall colors, hope to come close to that this week as I am not overbooked and hope to keep it that way. The hardest part (I find) is keeping a block of time open to pursue being creative instead of procrastinating being creative. Now I need to make time to get into my studio and do some more creating! Though right now the walls there are bare while everything is on display elsewhere. I have images on the way and frames awaiting them though so they will be taking the echo out of the space. My studio feels very calming to me as there are no household chores calling for my attention, it is easy to get lulled into just sitting quietly and enjoying the calm. However, that is too seductive a way to get off track and fail to make anything. That is why I put “See what you need and do it” over my art desk, it keeps me focused on not lollygagging.



Free Fall

Now that fall is officially here, according to the leaf colors I am seeing and not just based on the calendar, I made sure I got out for an autumnal hike. Luckily I live in an area that has some quiet roads and side trails into the surrounding woods. And it is all there free for the taking. It is still early for full color as there hasn’t been a strong frost, but some of the early color from trees who have roots right in the water is showing nicely. I love the days of fall, the crisp air, the colors and the smell of woodstove smoke as the days and nights turn cooler. I’m not so crazy about the darker mornings, but it does make for a different feel in my photos and the later dawn will hold the mists and softness of the air. All in all it is a good and welcome change as each season is. Here are my first images of fall 2012.