We are in the waning days of summer, and though there are still summer like days ahead, the chill of autumn is in the night air. The dew is heavier on the grass in the morning and the sky has that brilliant blue that only comes in the fall. As the final days of summer run out on the calendar I feel a hesitancy to accept the change of seasons, as if I have not used my summer days to the best of my ability and squandered the long, hot days. And yet I always look forward to the freshness of a new season stretching out, unsullied before me. Full of potential adventures and events and discoveries.

For me fall is a time for great deep breaths of air filled with the scents of fields, leaves, bonfires and that crispness that is particularly autumn.

It is a time when summer things are used one more time before being stored for the winter, and when jackets come out of the closet heralding the changing weather ahead. The sun slants differently across the days, delivering what warmth it has in an ever shortening day.


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