Far From Home

I have not been very far from home in geographical miles in a number of years, as a matter of fact my passport is well past its shelf date. All my recent journeys have been close to home, shorter in duration and yet often as revealing as grand expedition. I love to plan trips to all sorts of places, and even have a file of where to stay for each trip. It is a great way to take a quick break from a busy schedule and I don’t even have to pack! Or end up with jet lag. Of course it is not the real thing, just a glimpse to hold me over until I can get there.

So, today I decided to delve back into some old images from a trip to Sweden taken back when you had to pack film! Remember those days? Counting the rolls to make sure you didn’t lose any and not knowing how the images would look until you got the prints back? I would like to go back to Sweden again, and see more of the countryside. We only got as far as Gripsholm Castle due to time limits. Amazing how quickly 10 days passes when you lose 2 to travel.

I try to get where I can when I can, but until I am holding that updated passport I will have to do stateside trips, which could fill up years of vacation time. It’s all out there waiting to be seen!


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