Mid week meandering

I usually don’t get to post more than once a week, but this week is different with everyone back on fall schedules. I got out on another hike this morning and as usual had the trail to myself. Maybe all this hiking is in response to the 2 shows that are coming up at the end of the month. I know it will leave my studio walls bare and I want to feel I am creating more to fill them. Needless to say I have files upon files of images I have slotted to print from, it is just a crunch time feeling. Here is where I was today, a revisit to a popular swimming spot, though not when I was there back in the winter! Today it was also deserted, and not nearly as thundering. Once again the dry summer shows. The area is strewn with huge boulders you have to pass by to get down to the water. In the winter it is a bit too icy due to the spray blowing and freezing, so you have to trek around and about to get to the base. The water is also lower now so it was easy to walk along the edges for a different angle.




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