Into the woods

I spent the morning in the woods behind my house looking at how low the water was and actually crossing to the opposite side. Being able to do that with dry feet let me see the stream in a whole new perspective. It was interestring to see familar features from a new angle, which resulted in dozens of photos, though most for documenting the unusual shallowness.

The summer has been so dry that I was expecting the level to be even lower, but I guess like ourselves it has hidden reserves to draw upon.  Everything was very green, no real hint of fall yet. I wanted to make sure I got down there since Hurricane Issac is due to drop some rain on us which could change the flow pretty quickly if enough rain falls. So far it has just spattered a bit here and there, hardly leaving any puddles. The woods were very quiet, only the occassional plop of a frog jumping into the water and my own footsteps broke the silence. I love to be out in the woods, and didn’t see any sign of our local bear, which is a good thing as I do not wish to stumble upon any that might be also out enjoying the morning.


 The second image is just a bit to the side of the first, but the rocks feel different to me. The sweep of water has gone by and it is a bit clearer. I also pulled out some of the debris that had lodged there and was catching any bits and pieces it could. We have had some very high water times in the stream where the rush could be heard up the hill at the house. Sometimes it goes well over the banks as it hurries to the swamp, and then the small tributary across the way. We have watched the stream for the last 20 years as it has risen and fallen, frozen and thawed and it is never the same after each. Ice storms have brought down huge trees, branches have snapped and new tress have sprouted. All of which has gone on since well before humankind and hopefully will continue well after. Though the trees aren’t giants there is a real primeval feel to the spot with all the big rocks the retreating glaciers left behind. I always feel refreshed after a trip back there even if I end up with no fabulous pictures.


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