Here today

I have been concentrating on old buildings recently and going through my collection of images. The first place is still on site, or at least was 2 months ago. It sits on 50+ acres on a state route that is being heavily developed by strip malls and big box stores. At one point there was a house opposite it, but when the new state route came through it ran right behind thatold house and I guess it was taken down. All that remains are the stairs just a little behind where I stood, 2 large shade trees and the flat spot where the house stood. The house has been empty for about 4 years now, though the barn has a couple bits and pieces in it. My favorite part is the child height pencil sharpener on the inside of the diningroom closet door which I glimpsed through a window. I bet somewhere inside is a strip of door moulding with the heights of the children through the years.


This second house is now gone, demolished after years of sitting empty down a long driveway on a lot filled with small outbuildings and tons of rusting equipment. It too was on many acres of undeveloped land, but only 2 houses went in and the rest was left as conservation land. The house still had some furniture in it and assorted remnants of life. I think the property was part of a contested will or family squabble where no one could break the deadlock. I hope the beautiful old glass windows and all the millwork was salvaged and not landfilled, but can’t know for sure. All things are transient.


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