An Unkempt Weekend

Back from another jaunt through eastern NY before the school year starts. Set aside some time to get out and about on the back roads and smaller old highways. Some images went untaken due to the impossibility of pulling off the road safely, which makes them all the more desirable. This was another scouting trip to see how many roads I could squeeze in to see what they had to offer for the next trip. Here are a few images that caught my eye.

Love the line of birds perched on the ridge!

Just a little farm shed off by itself

This old and derelict building is for sale if anyone is interested! It must have been beautiful in its day even though it was most likely not the happiest place to be since it was the local asylum. Partiers have gotten in over the years and done the usual vandalism. As it is out in the sticks I can’t imagine it will be redeveloped as any sort of health facility. Probably will sit and sink into total ruin or be knocked down. It was so quiet, only the sound of bees and a few songbirds, no creepy creaking or sighing sound of the wind, but still a bit eerie.



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