Here today

I have been concentrating on old buildings recently and going through my collection of images. The first place is still on site, or at least was 2 months ago. It sits on 50+ acres on a state route that is being heavily developed by strip malls and big box stores. At one point there was a house opposite it, but when the new state route came through it ran right behind thatold house and I guess it was taken down. All that remains are the stairs just a little behind where I stood, 2 large shade trees and the flat spot where the house stood. The house has been empty for about 4 years now, though the barn has a couple bits and pieces in it. My favorite part is the child height pencil sharpener on the inside of the diningroom closet door which I glimpsed through a window. I bet somewhere inside is a strip of door moulding with the heights of the children through the years.


This second house is now gone, demolished after years of sitting empty down a long driveway on a lot filled with small outbuildings and tons of rusting equipment. It too was on many acres of undeveloped land, but only 2 houses went in and the rest was left as conservation land. The house still had some furniture in it and assorted remnants of life. I think the property was part of a contested will or family squabble where no one could break the deadlock. I hope the beautiful old glass windows and all the millwork was salvaged and not landfilled, but can’t know for sure. All things are transient.


Altered States

While out and about checking out old, empty buildings I found these two and decided to alter their hue a bit to make them even more surreal and creepy. It gives a different feel, though I also kept like the originals for the general forlorn feel they each exude. Later this week I will have the chance to get inside an old, derelict building that once housed orphans I think. I am hoping the 1960 “improvememnts” haven’t totally ruined the interiors. But for now see what you think of these, they are a bit Halloweenish, but I notice the stores already have their fall/Halloween items out. (Even christmas in a couple stores.)


I like the images both before and after. Tha additioanl eerieness of the altered ones gives a bit of a shiver down the spine as if they aren’t just abandoned, but possibly possessed or biding their time to come to life. Hope you like them! Will see what I get at the old buildinsg this week!

An Unkempt Weekend

Back from another jaunt through eastern NY before the school year starts. Set aside some time to get out and about on the back roads and smaller old highways. Some images went untaken due to the impossibility of pulling off the road safely, which makes them all the more desirable. This was another scouting trip to see how many roads I could squeeze in to see what they had to offer for the next trip. Here are a few images that caught my eye.

Love the line of birds perched on the ridge!

Just a little farm shed off by itself

This old and derelict building is for sale if anyone is interested! It must have been beautiful in its day even though it was most likely not the happiest place to be since it was the local asylum. Partiers have gotten in over the years and done the usual vandalism. As it is out in the sticks I can’t imagine it will be redeveloped as any sort of health facility. Probably will sit and sink into total ruin or be knocked down. It was so quiet, only the sound of bees and a few songbirds, no creepy creaking or sighing sound of the wind, but still a bit eerie.


A Break in the Weather

Ahhh! A cool spell with low humidity, what a welcome change. Saturday at Open Studios was like being in a sauna, absolutely not a breath of air. It made me think of how we are halfway through summer, the sun is rising a bit later and setting earlier. Just little shifts that put us closer to the shorter days of the year. And that is okay. I like the changes in how the light falls during each seaon, and how different the quality of the light is. Here are a few images that show the variety of light in my area of the world throughout the seasons.

(That being said I was still roasting on Saturday!)