Coming Along

I have been in my studio just a month now and am making progress setting things up. The space seems to grow a bit each week though! This Saturday is open studios so I have gotten more pieces displayed. They are also part of the Oct exhibit I will have in Townsend, MA so I am ahead of the clock on those.

This is the front corner of my space with my display area somewhat set up.

This is the view of the main space which overlooks the canal. I have my 2 work tables in place, but may need more as each is already in use. The windows let in so much let that I don’t need to turn any additional lights on except on the gloomiest days. The city is full of old mills, and there are canal boat tours that run along them. It is a pretty cool building to be in.


How We Live Now

Sometimes as I walk around the city, though the countryside is not exempt, I wonder what people are thinking. There is so much trash strewn about, so much waste. It is no wonder landfills are so huge. As handy as disposable drink cups are, they sure don’t look so handy caught up at the edge of the roads. And it isn’t as if there aren’t trash cans for people to use in most places, they just choose not to. It seems no matter how far you go into the woods you’ll find wrappers or cans. It is crazy.

We need to do better.

Headed elsewhere for potential recycling?


Since so many of us are roasting in the summer heat, I thought I would cool us all down with some winter images. Hope they give you a break from the heat. and reneregize you to get out and create. If the heat is too much, just remember…it’s one day closer to winter! 🙂

Can you feel the cold?

This one is from after a very heavy snow, where all the everyday sounds seem to cease to exist.

So delicate as to seem impossible.

Between bitter gust of wind the air was so crisp and still.

I bet this is the place to be on a hot day!

Lily of the day

My day lilies are blooming once again and gorgeous. I didn’t get any Asiatic lily blossoms this year due to nasty little bugs that slimed them up and devoured them. Try to catch them before they get a nibble in, but somehow missed their arrival this year. My tiger lilies are not reay to bllom yet, but seem bug free. I like daylilies since they are so independent and need so little attention. There is a daylily farm not far from here in Hillsborough, NH that is a veritable explosion of colors and varieties. Too many to choose from, but great to get some images of. I’m not sure I could squeeze in any more lilies at this point anyhow! Here are a few of my lily photographs, and aonce I am done I will head out to see what is blooming today!

Just a bit of fun


Some days are just meant for blowing off steam and being a bit silly, and today is one of them. I spent part yesterday at my studio space painting the door, putting things here and there and discovering that I need more storage than I thought. So today I am taking my mind off of that and catching up online with emails, blogs and deleting spam. Oh and trying not to stress about the whole studio thing and “what have I gotten myself into” line of thought! And so in that spirit I share just some offbeat, funny pictures that have been knocking around in my files. Hope you have lighthearted and carefree day!

A new direction

I am taking the plunge and have rented a studio thus freeing up the spare table in the livingroom at home and some floor space in the bedroom. And it is more than a bit petrifying to take this leap. Though I have been planning this for over a year it feels like I am leaving on a trip having no idea the destination, climate or season! Even the lists I made seem so vague as to be of little use. It is a great space though, in an old mill with windows overlook the old canal that used to power the machinery. The whole building is studios and next to it is a new live-work space just being completed. I feel lucky to have gotten a space and terrified at the same time!

I have just started to move in, and all of the stuff that seemed to take up so much space in my house looks puny and is huddled together as if it too is unsure why it is there isn this strange space. The very high ceilings and huge windows dwarf the bookcase I toted in, the art desk looks like a tiny island and even the largest boxes seem only ankle high. I am hopeful though that this move will be a good fit and a shot of starter fluid for creativity. Working at home can be a bit isolating and it is easy to let things languish as home chores are there in your face.

I am planning to use the space as display for planning shows and creating, for making new contacts and trying something new. And for mess making in the process! I will update as progress is made on this new journey and we’ll see where I end up! check it out!