Can you see the trees?

Or just the forest?

A recollection of winter

The contrast of spring.

A bend in early winter.










 The world of trees is amazing. Imagine what it looked like 600 years ago, huge trees growing undisturbed before falling to the earth in storms or of old age. What a sight it must have been. Yet for all that grandeur did any tree stand out on its own in solitary splendor or were they justpart of  a magnificent forest? Trees endlessly fascinate me and provide me with a chance to rejunvenate in their company.

 I think Mary Oliver says it well in this poem:


Heaven knows how many

trees I climbed when my body

was still in the climbing way, how

many afternoons, especially

windy ones, I sat

perched on a limb that

rose and fell with every invisible

blow. Each tree was

a green ship in the wind-waves, every

branch a mast, every leafy height

 a happiness that came without

even trying. I was that alive

and limber. Now I walk under them-

cool, beloved: the household

of such tall, kind sisters.


One thought on “Can you see the trees?

  1. I love the top (first one again) I have a similar shot and it creeps me out every time I look at it reminds me of being lost in the woods haha! Great shots again 🙂

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