The Trees in my Life

I am waiting for my catalpa tree to put out some new leaves. The first set, which started to open to early due to unexpected warm weather, got zapped by a frost. I think it will be at least another week before I see any hint of green. Then  will come the beautiful blossoms. This tree is a favorite since the shade is so dense that on hot days it is many degrees coooler underneath it. On either side of the catalpa is a maple and a locust. The maple is that great oval shape and has wonderful fall color, the locust is a sunburst and the loveliest yellow green. I also have a regenerating cherry tree which is trying to come back from damage in last October’s snow storm, so far so good, but it was hard to lose the 20 year old one I had planted as a tiny sapling. But I am hopeful this one will do as well. Trees have always held a spot in my heart, from the ones I put forts in to the ones that couldn’t be climbed.

This photo reminds me of the aerial views of the overbuilt, cookie cutter neighborhoods we now call sprawl. But this is so much more interesting and useful. I love aerial views of migration paths, cities, towns etc., they intrigue me and there is always something new to notice in them.




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