The Quickness of Time

A few years ago we had a family reunion for my dad’s side of the family. He had passed away a few months before and this was the chance for everyone to see each other before another funeral came about. It was a bit surreal, not only because of my parents not being there, but because so many of the people I had either never met or not seen in decades. How odd to wander among people who look like you, yet are basically strangers. Now, 3 people who were there are with us no more and others are slipping away as time passes.

It made me feel the need to look at the photos I took that day and revisit it. A melancholy activity which will someday find someone else looking at an image of me and I will be but a memory. I think that makes photography both a blessing and a curse as it freezes people in a second, with no knowledge of what lies ahead of them, for us to ponder after the fact.


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