Fading Away

I always wonder when I see a house crouched in an overgrown yard, empty and in decline, what brought it to this point. Why have people forsaken it and left it to this fate. Of course there are always the childhood memories of empty or rundown houses being haunted, we all remember them. But often it seems as if people just grew tired of the house and the upkeep and have chosen to walk away leaving it to its own fate. As if by doing so they could erase any connection to the human inhabitants once housed there. Maybe they were fleeing the hold the house had over them and hoped to get free of it and all the memories it holds. Town records sometimes can fill in the blanks, but often we are just passing by the house, ourselves onto somewhere else, and can only puzzle over what was once held inside the walls and at the blank windows watching us pass. This particular house is just a short ways away from my childhood home, yet I never recall seeing it, and it couldn’t have become this desolate in just a couple of decades. It is yet another piece of history that will remain unknown to me.

Here are a few other cast aside properties I have come acrossed over the years.


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