To Schenectady and beyond

Basically spent last weekend in the car driving to and from NY. It would have been a great weekend for taking photos, alas I could only do so from the car, but here are a few of them. I have the locations pinpointed so I can go back the next time I am down that way. It is funny how you can grow up someplace and still find old places that are new to you. Not just the fields sprouting matching houses, or the new streets slicing into former woods, but the places that you just didn’t see before. Or the places you never got to even thought they were basically next door. Since we drove past our usual end point I got to see new views and realized they were closer than I thought. Though it is hard when visiting family to slip away for part of a day and do your own thing. The feeling that time is of the essence for being with those you drove to see (or the risk of someone being offended) works against the desire to get out there and poke around. It is also the fact that being in town for only a couple days does impact what can get done. It is also hard to add on more driving on top of the miles already covered.  But, when I am down that way in June I will make the attempt to set aside the time and hit the road a bit. To have a bit of off time from the visiting to get the images while I can and I’ll shoot for that.  Some days I just want to hop in the car and drive to points dreamed of, heedless of other responsibilities. Rarely do I give in to these impulses, and not always do I end up with great images. Sometimes it is just the getting out there and crossing locations off the must see list and possibility sliding them to the must revisit list.


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