As I was strolling around my external hard drive where I store my images I came across this one. It was patiently awaiting my arrival so it could convince me to post it. So here it is. I came upon this on a woodland hike. Considering how long it must have been there given the size of the trees, it still had a crispness to it. It is always funny to me the places people drive cars that they plan on abandoning. It seems such an undignified end for such a great piece of mobile sculpture. Every time I find an old car like this it always feels allegorical for life in general. There is also an air of eerieness to these places. But I love the juxtaposition of the man made and the wild. Plus it gives me the best of both world, nature with a bit of an urban twist. I did get out on an urban hike on Thursday, over an hour, and then on my way home I squeezed in a quick half hour nature hike. The wind was brutal as it ws blasting right off the water along the trail, not so much cold as sharp. I need to get this image printed and frame it up as I am hoping to here tomorrow about a spot to show some work. And you know how that goes. Even if you have 100 pieces all framed and ready, you feel there are a couple here and there you want to add into the mix! Then you have to review all of them to narrow it down to either the theme or the size of the space. It’s all good though as it ends up getting your work out there, right?


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