Bursting on the Scene

Bursting on the Scene

Those first few days of spring have arrived, actually this year the first few days of spring have been more like the first days of summer! Either way, I am feeling the surge of creativity that goes with the longer days and milder weather. And, as always, my “want to do” list is longer than the time available! I have 4 chairs in the slow process of having layers of old paint removed, and 3 chairs patiently waiting for their new spring coats of paint. It will all get done, patience patience patience. Often, patience is hard to come by as we want to get things done so we can get on to the next task requiring our attention. I find I have to be attentive to the task at hand and not begrudge the time it is taking. I need to set aside what can be set aside and make the most of the unexpected moments as they arise. This morning I changed up my plans and went out on a photo hike. It was another fabulous, warm start to the day, most unlike usual March weather. The photo above is actually from the garden at Tower Hill, W. Boylston MA. A beautiful place for a stroll. Here’s to spring and all the burgeoning growth it brings for all of us!


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