Hello Fellow Travelers,
I have been reflecting on the idea of perception and feel that this photo really covers it. It was a lucky day when I happened on it as it was gone shortly after. I think it is a statement artists need to take to heart. Not everyone will love your work, and that is okay. We can all still appreciate the creativity and work involved even if we don’t care for the subject. Even works and styles that you don’t click with can prompt your own creativity and open up a whole new way of seeing. No one ever said you have to purchase and display works that don’t speak to you, yet doing so with one that shakes up your comfort zone might just result in amazing creations of your own.
You don’t have to “get it” to benefit from it.
That being said, challenge yourself to visit an exhibit of work unlike your own. Even a book of different artwork will do the job. Listen to a different type of music, walk in a different neighborhood or go to your local historical museum and browse a bit. It all recharges and sparks our minds to think from a different angle. And to support this I will disclose that I stepped out of my usual solitary art routine and did a commercial/ graphic job that was all on the computer. It was easy to come up with the ideas, but tougher to get used to presenting, altering and finalizing the piece. But it forced me to utilize skills that often sit idle, and so it was a successful shakeup. Now I am looking forward to my next adventure to the edge of my comfort zone…no passport needed, though it can feel like a whole different country!
Bon Voyage!


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